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meet suzy

I was inspired to create five & dime after moving from the hustle of Las Vegas to sunny San Diego. This is a journey to cut the excess and live life thoughtfully. I’m passionate about affordable style, thrift shopping, putting together a delicious meal and getting crafty with DIY projects.

likes shiny objects. thriftaholic. slayer of red tape. caffeine aficionado. intrigued by life. uses &’s and #’s. gives 120%, talks loudly. creative cat. budding chef. collector of books. adores vintage things. runs semi-fast. wordsmith. effervescent. hi was my first word. geek chic. likes to color outside the lines. rallies people. maker of lists. fan of sleek design. manager of projects. pr whiz. completes photoshop tutorials on weekends. lightweight drinker. lover of learning. reads the dictionary for fun. appreciates kindness. pinterest connoisseur. moscato drinker. ok driver. ¬†typography aficionado. thoughtful gifter. kinda hip. lusting for a typewriter. winner of awards and gold stars. quick on the trigger. handy with a glue gun. frolicks often. curator of unique things. toastmaster. volunteer. friend. daughter. loves kellen.

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